April 14, 2011

.hey, I'm back. :(

Hey yo.!
Sudah lama blog ini tidak di-update. Mungkin sudah setahun.? But who cares, really.? My excuse.? Malaslah. Setahun, aku dok bertapa nun kata UiTM Puncak Alam sana. Hello, line dia banyak lembab la itu macam. Nak on facebook pun kena sepuluh kali fikir.

    So.. i dun have anything to talk about. Just, well, ya know, right now i'm seriously pissed. With myself. Thing is, i just got my examination result just the day before yesterday. And guess what, i'm dead done with it. What the heck am i supposed to do now.?! No, seriously.! I've been aiming to further my studies in medicine. But with my PETTY result i ain't gonna hope anymore. That is so NOT gonna happen. 
    BUT I'M MAD.! The result are just, what.?! I studied and studied and studied and stayed up late in the night and did whatever i still could at that time. I was like, "Oh i'm gonna score  this one flatly." I have confidence in myself. I knew i could do it. I have faith in myself. Turns out i'm wrong. Well, i'm not gonna blame fate. I'll just sit here and moan and whine and whatnot to overcome my grief..
    *sigh* What to do now.?

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