April 15, 2011

.our delicious homemade chocolates.! :D

    Hey you, got something to tell la. Recently mia mama just decided to embark in a small, independent business. What are we selling exactly.? CHOCOLATES. Yes, chocolates. Or to be specific, our own homemade chocolates.! Yay.! xD

    So, if you guys are interested, please do contact us. We can make chocs for anniversary gifts, doorgifts, hantaran, and many more. Just call us and we can discuss the details.
    I know, I know, probably you were thinking.. "tch~ everyone want to make chocolates la, cupcakes la, this la, that la, everything." Well, I see no harm in trying right.? Infact, I can now spend my VERY leisure time doing something, seeing that i've got, almost nothing to do during this fun+boring cuti duration. WHY, o why wouldn't you hire me, KFC.?? D:

    I wonder why my mom won't sell cream puff too.?? I mean, dude, she's like, the best cream puff baker in the world. No lying nor bluffing there. But i think if someone places an order for the cream puff, she won't be hesitating. After all, money is what we're aiming, ain't it.?

    Well, I hope for my mom's cute business success. Now I should be paying the fullest attention on one sad little problem, how the heck am I going to get more visitors for this amateur blog.?? Hmm... >:(

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