May 16, 2011

.asasi sains uitm.

    I should have made this post earlier. I know it's kinda late already, but I hope this post can be a better reference in the future.

    Entri ini ditumpukan khas untuk pelajar-pelajar Asasi Sains UiTM.

Because I'll be providing a collection of
useful links from other bloggers regarding the program.

.asasi sains : sem ke-2. 
(daily experiences, syllabus review, interesting stories, etc)
(he forgot one thing, that most of us wasted our allowances on
useless stuff, such as dinner gowns, new touchscreen phones,
latest laptops, expensive foods, and yada yada)

    If there's more, will keep editing. :DD

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FaizFizy39 said...

thanks for the entry. do helping!

FaizFizy Rosle
Future students of Asasi Sains BM

syashafie said...


.m y z. said...

wah tak perasan entry ni. tadi saje usha stats then nampak byk traffic dtg drpd blog ni :D thank you so much! :DD

Aliya Ros said...

welcome :DD

ieyra said...

okayyy thankss fr promoting my blog :p HAHHAHA

momoe said...

thanks for putting my bloglink^^~

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