May 09, 2011

.new craziness.

    *Urgh.! I just can't get "Mr.Taxi Taxi Taxi~" tune out of my head.!*

      Well, duh.! That's what you get after listening to it for like a hundred times per day. Yeah, imagine that.
     Anyway, I'd like show something, before I write down my thoughts.

    Okay now, this group is under Cat Farish's Ent. Initially known as P.R.Inc. Known now as  P.O.P (Prince of Pop). Had experiences in participating (if I'm not mistaken) Gangstarz on TV3. Already released a single titled "Buku Baru". In the process of completing their second single, "Main Jauh-Jauh". And I'm already addicted to this cover of DBSK's Hug. PLEASE Please Pleaseeeee watch this video. And pay your very attention at 0:43, 1:03, 2:17 and 2:28..


     Calm down, calm down, now Aliya... Relax, tak ada apa-apa pun. Nothin' really.. only just that Aye sangat kawaii.!

     My beloved Toma, please don't be angry with me. I still love you. It's just that ForTeen's RizuOne & Ariz and P.O.P's Aye and and V.I.P's Fadlan are SO cute that I just can't stop myself from screaming in a pillow, in front of my PC.

    Aye.! Gadis Malaysia dah tak perlu cari mamat Korea, kerana anda sudah ada.! of course saya tak tergolonglah sebab saya setia dengan Toma-oppa saya. ngeeeee~ 

    Soooo GOODLUCK to P.O.P, V.I.P, and ForTeen.! I'm always here, supporting you guys. Gambatte.!

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