May 16, 2011

.veterinarian : just another type of doctor.

    To be a doctor or veterinarian.?

 This is what they want.

But this is what I want.

   Since I was small, I've watched endless episodes of National Geographic. Unlike any other normal kids which prefers Disney or Cartoon Network or anime or anything, I'm awed by the collection of documentaries they showed on TV, be it National Geographic, Animal Planet, Crocodile Hunter, etc.
    My passion and love in wildlife and nature grows stronger time by time. There were times I dreamed of being a marine biologist, diving with fascinating creatures in an entirely different world. There were also times I dreamed of being a wildlife expert, trying to find out the hidden secret of magnificent beasts. And even until today, I still hold on to my dearest dream of all, to work with the National Geographic crews.

    It seems so impossible. But I know it isn't. I'll try.
    And my first step, is to be a veterinarian.

    And this is where I get confused.
    Tho my goal are determined, my family opt for the contradictory.

Be a doctor, a great one that'll make us proud.

     I'm in doubt. Now. 

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