April 10, 2013

.destroying the spider web.



It's been a long time.


I can't believe that my last post was posted right before I came here. But here I am, in my 4th sem of 2nd year in Vet undergrad course.

Of course, a lot had happened during these past years.
I am not single anymore, for instance.
And I have lost myself.
Empty. My life is turning upside down.
People hate me.

Sometimes, I just wonder why..

I know. Foul mouth, bad attitude. I do admit it, that I have such lousy personalities.

Tapi ramai juga yang sarkastik. Yang outspoken. Yang mulut longkang. Orang masih sayang.
Sebab mereka kaya, kah.?
Sebab mereka pandai, kah.?

But atleast when I have something against you, I spit it out to your face. If I am wrong, I will admit it. If you are wrong, then you're automatically forgiven when I forget about it. I don't go behind your back. Stabbing you.You have no idea what others are talking behind your back. If you had known, you'll feel like killing yourself. You have no idea how those people you thought are nice, are actually only pretending in front of you. I know, because I hang out with these people. And I know, they are pretending to be my friends. And yes I know, they also talk about me whenever they think I'm not within earshot. But shit happens to me since forever, so I'm already used to that. But that doesn't mean I don't have feelings..

Nvm. I don't deserve a life anyway, right.?

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